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Date: June 12, 2004
Location: Brownsville, Minnesota
County: N/A

Source: UFOWisconsin.com report by Robert M.

Details: 4 persons star-gazing from home on Mississippi River bluff, about 15 miles South of LaCrosse, WI on Minnesota side (Brownsville, MN). Looking East, and standing on patio/deck. Object came from the North (appeared to be over the river). At first, it looked to be maybe a meteorite -- a coal-orange lights streaking down at a shallow angle North to South. There were two lights, however. The lights faded briefly, and then came back strongly. It started to change direction (diving), went behind some trees...and then looped around and CAME BACK to the area directly in front of us, danced around for a bit (maybe 2 seconds), and then streaked out of sight to the East. All persons saw the same thing, but couldn't agree on size/distance of object. Entire sighting lasted 3 - 4 seconds. Sky was very clear; weather very calm/pleasant (about 70 degrees [F]). No moon. Away from city, so stars very clear & bright.