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Date: July 24, 2004
Location: McCall Idaho

Source: UFOWisconsin Online Report by: Name With Held

On a Saturday night, my friend Jenesis and I were headed to our cabin while we were singing along to some music.  All of a sudden, from the mountain this UFO sort of "glided" from the mountain about 20 feet infront of us. When it had been in front of us, a piece had broken off, and then both pieces entered the lake.  The colors had been a whites and blues and wasnt very big in size, the shape had been a stretched out oval type size. That next morning we had told my family and my uncle had told me him and his girlfriend 2 years ago had seen an UFO hovering above the lake. And then a couple days later my boyfriends  mom had heard i saw a UFO, and had told me that last year she  saw a UFO hovered above the water, which mysteriously is the same story my uncle had told me.  Coincidence...I think not

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