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Date: April 1996    11:00pm
Location: Westlake, Louisiana

Source: UFOWisconsin.com report by Joe

Me and my wife and 2 young sons were went to eat some Barbeque with my mom and step dad at the Sam Houston jones park in westlake Louisiana and visited longer than planed end up leaving at aprox 11:00 pm. When we got in the car and my wife drove out of the camping area to a road in the park I looked to the right and my mouth fell open we were  shocked at what we were seeing.   It looked to be approximately 40 or so feet wide.  It looked to have a slight V formation.  It had only white lights, approximately 24 of them.  It had no beaken light.  The lights were separated in sets of six lights each.  Each light looked approximately the size of a basketball, maybe a little bit bigger. I don't see how I can ever forget it, because it stuck in my mind so vividly.  It hovered   about 50 feet over the trees.  It looked like it wasn't hardly even moving.  We turned the car off and realized that it made absolutely no sound.  I started to shine my spotlight.  I had my 12 guage!
 shotgun on the side of me.   And I still felt uncertain about shining the spotlight, I was wasn't sure about what would happen.  My wife said, "I wouldn't do that!"  I looked in the back seat and saw my two little boys and I thought I better not do this.   The craft continued hovering, barely moving, until we couldn't see it anymore. We couldn't follow it because this road out of the camping area was a circle around a long pond and the exit was to the west.  There is not a day goes by that we don't think about  this.  It shocked us so much to see it because it is something that we have never seen before. I know someone else saw it because everyone is not asleep at 11:00 PM on a weekend.  But nothing was in the paper the next day.  However, there was a siting in Lake Charles, which is three miles from where we saw this craft, at an air show, which someone videoed.  All I can say is if US military has a few of these craft we wouldn't still be at war and no one else would want!
 to go to war with us.

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