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Date: October 10, 2004    7-7:30pm
Location: Ripley, New York

Source: UFOWisconsin.com report by Name With Held

My friend and I were driving on Route 20 west headed for super in Erie PA.  We were about 2 miles from Eria PA. (7 - 7:30 PM) I was driving and my friend said look in the sky at those red circles.  There were 5 in a semi circle equally apaced apart and not moving. Off to the the NE was another one in some clouds and then one more off SW ahead of the 5 in the semi circle.  They appeared to be over Lake Erie.  They were catching the sunlight as the sun was setting.  they all were a reddish orange. As the sun went down they all disappeared at once.  The sky was clear blue, except for some samll clouds in the far north.  I heard there was some talk about this on Canadian TV but no new about it here in buffalo. Can you tell me if anyone else reported this?  When we pulled off the side of the road to watch this, another car also pulled over.  We did not take their license plate number. We thought for sure somthing this big was seen by many and would have been in the paper!
s.  Any clue what we may have seen?  To let you know I don't believe in UFO's but we sure saw something we never saw before.

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