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Date: December 1, 2004    2-4am
Location: Newburyport, Massachusetts

Source: UFOWisconsin.com report by Joel F. 

n.e.sky between... 2/4 am ... dec 1 or 2 04.......clear view of 3/4 mile at tree top level i noticed a very bright light at tree top level for about 20 minutes until a cloud bank covered it up.....then about 30 to 40 min. later the light was in the same location and wondered why,if it was a planet it didnt move below the tree line after being out of view for 40 min behind these clouds ....just as i was trying to get out of bed to get a pair o binoculars..this light started to move slowly from west to east for around 300 ft. at tree line level ...then just disapear below tree line... to me it should have gone below tree line when the clouds covered it up for that 40 min.period and why after about 60 min decide to move and then disapear!! what was it?... seems very strange to me for what i observed !!  

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