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Date of Incident: January 1, 2005
Time of Incident: 6:45pm
Location of Incident: Sheffield
Other Related Reports: Not applicable at time of posting.

Source of Report: UFOWisconsin.com online sightings report form by Name With Held

Details of Incident:
It was 6:45 on New Years Day night and I was sat in the garden as it was unusually mild.  I sparked a ciggy up and as I exhaled I looked to the stars and saw 3 blue lights coming in from the North, They were followed by another 3, which in turn were followed by another group of 3.  They were going slow, We would have gone and got a camera but it was the first time we had seen anything like this and we were struck dumb!  the lights slowed to a halt and started to circle, they reminded me of sharks (ones that had learnt to syncronize).  They did this for about 15 mins, then seemed to grow larger, I can only guess that they were begining to lower, at this time they looked about 1cm accross to the naked eye, but they were still very high up.  they grew to about an inch across each.  Both my nan and I were adamant that they were set to land!  But as they got lower, they began to fade as though they were getting further away, it was bizzare.  when they had almost faded ou!
t of sight, they lit up brighter than before and dissapered with a high pitched wailing noise.  I can honestley say that this scared us more than we have ever been scared before.  I would like to see another one, but from further away next time!

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