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Date: September 1, 2001
Photographer: Kris N.

Below is an explanation of how the photos were taken, as told by the photographer:
While at the family farm in Florence, Wi on 9/01/01 at about 2:00 pm, I shot 5 rolls of Fuji 35mm. color film with a Cannon professional camera. I shot four rolls of the whole farm for panoramic views. I put the last roll in the camera and shot two pictures of the view. I put the camera down and started reading. After awhile, I felt like taking some pictures of the cloudy sky. Which I did, as the sight was rather pleasant. I did not notice or see anything unusual. Upon getting this last roll back, I was quite surprised to see the pictures of the "clouds". I was also struck by the peculiar cast or color the photographs have. Upon examination with a magnifying glass, seven of the pictures have very odd "lights" under the cloud cover. Some of these lights are stationary, some are moving. I had set the shutter at a .250 sec, so whatever is in the pictures moving, is moving very quickly.

Although, as I have stated, I didn't notice anything visually while I was photographing.
Click the thumbnail photo below to see actual size photo:

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