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The Closeness of Mars

June 2003 - August 2003

SOURCE: space.com

by Joe Rao

On Aug. 27, 2003, Mars will be less than 34.65 million miles (55.76 million kilometers) away -- closer to our planet than itís been in nearly 60,000 years. The view will be stupendous. Track Marsí growing brightness with SPACE.com's exclusive Mars viewing maps and charts, updated monthly.

Mars in June, 2003: Mars rises around 1 a.m. local daylight time at the start of June, but by month's end it will be coming up above the east-southeast horizon before midnight. Until Venus comes up, this topaz-hued planet outshines every other star like object once it climbs above the horizon hazes.

Finding the Red Planet: Mars, the Roman God of War, is now easy to find using these maps. It is the unmistakable beacon of the eastern pre-dawn sky. Look for it low in the southeast after 1 a.m. and higher, toward the south, at daybreak. It will be the last point of light in that part of the sky to be drowned out by the Sun each morning.

For additional information, as well as maps and viewing tips, visit:

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