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UFOWisconsin.com is seeking people who may be interested in the following:


UFOWisconsin.com is now seeking serious, qualified UFO Investigators
to investigate UFO sightings we receive throughout the state of Wisconsin and from around the world.

Investigators must live within the state of Wisconsin.

If you are interested, please send:

*Your qualifications
*Samples of 3 prior or current UFO investigations
*Area of expertise (UFOs, Abductions, or specify if other)
*Area/County you are willing to cover

Please send the above information
along with anything else you feel would be applicable
via email "Director @ UFOWisconsin.com"


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Newspaper Clippers

UFOWisconsin.com is seeking people to clip & submit newspaper articles on the topic of UFOs from across the state. If you see or have a newspaper article that is not already on the site (you can Check here first, please submit via email to:

"Director @ UFOWisconsin.com"

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Help Spread the Word

You can help spread the word about UFOWisconsin.com by assisting with the following:

Printable UFO Reporting Forms
These UFO reporting forms are in black & white and contain all the fields necessary for submitting a UFO report. If you know someone who has seen something unidentifiable in the skies over Wisconsin, you can print these forms and hand them out. The printable forms include our postal address so they can be mailed in to UFOWisconsin.com.

Do you have a UFO or Wisconsin related website? Help spread the word by adding a link to UFOWisconsin.com. Below is our banner which you can link to http://www.UFOWisconsin.com:


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