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Date: September 28, 1995
Location: Quartz Hills
State: California

Source: UFOWisconsin Report Form Submission by Daisy V.

It was between the midnight,and the wee hours. I was sleeping in my bed,and suddenly I awoke up, and stood up close to the window (my bedroom was in the rear of the house) It was weird, because the blind and the curtains were folded, and I could see the open sky and all the shining stars above. Suddenly one of the stars was coming down, and it looked like a "disco-ball room". In just seconds it was a few meters long to the ground. It was amazing, and it was there, just floating in the air, like a suspended bowl! But then all the lights turned off! And I was worried because I didn't understand the reasons of being there. All of a sudden, I noticed the glass of the window had been removed, and at my left side five or six little men, all dressed in blue-greenish suits like divers approached to me! One of them stepped in the front, and asked my name!.... I don't know why, but I Answered him and said my name! (I'm sorry, I would like to tell all the whole story, but I'm in the library's computer, and somebody else has an appointment, and I'm willing to contact you. I have some drawings of the experiences, too.

Note: We did receive Daisy's drawings with additional information. This will be featured in an upcoming issue of Pancake Perspectives Back to Out of State UFO Sighting Index
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