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One of Wisconsin's most famous UFO close encounters took place on April 18, 1961. Joe Simonton of Eagle River reported that he was given three pancakes by aliens. Since then, this story has been shared around the world, but if you think about it, the only reason we can even talk about it today is because he had the courage to tell his story in the first place.

Joe Simonton's Story

In this newsletter, we hail the courage that brought Joe Simonton's story and invite all of you to share your stories, viewpoints and alien theories. 

UPDATE*  Rumor has it that the forthcoming 2nd edition of the print book UFO Wisconsin - A Progress Report by UFOwisconsin.com Director will have new information and a clear story line to this stunning UFO and alien encounter!  Stay tuned, and be sure to get each edition of the book UFO Wisconsin for your collection!  The first edition published in 2008 features more than 100 reports of UFOs in Wisconsin from more than 100 different locations.  The 2nd edition is due out tentatively 2013-2014.  Check back often for updates!
UFO Wisconsin - A Progress Report by UFOlogist Noah Voss
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Issue 25 - March 20, 2003

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