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Date: November 8, 2003
State: Ohio

Source: UFO Wisconsin Report by Theresa

I live in central Ohio and I watched the eclipse with my son's Meade telescope. While bundled I only stayed out till the moon was the color of a healthy chicken egg. Red/orange. I also saw a squadron of something moving right across the lower left of the moon at approximately half covered. The 'squadron' was about 5 to 6 slender blobs and were flying in a close flat diamond formation and they were flying from South to North. I also thought it might be a flock of birds. But after reading what you saw (click here to see referring report), I believe the squadron was closer to the moon than Ohio.

Sometimes I have been lucky enough to be looking through the telescope at the moon and watching the ISS pass over it.

It's always much more fun when you can share those serendipitous moments!

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