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Issue 01 - April 18, 2002

Editor: Jim Aho

In this issue:
1. Mexican Roswell
2. Oklahoma UFO Photo
3. Taking the First Step
4. Think Global

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Mexican Roswell?

Thanks to
of the Burlington News

Mary writes:

Last night I received an email from a very reliable source on a government coverup and an alien crash in MEXICO. The gentleman that submitted the story to me has come forth for the first time to let us have this eye-witnessed information. As a soldier in the Mexican army, he was one of the few that actually went inside the crashed vehicle. More will be following on the Crash. Not since Roswell have we had such a credible encounter.

The Letter:

"God bless you dear Sister, Mary,

I will try to write my old UFO experience as well as I can remember.

When I was 16 years old, my father enlisted me in the 75th Infantry Corp, 2nd Company, in the Mexican Army. During the basic training, six months, I learned to be a soldier doing the things that a soldier must do..have loyalty, fidelity and kill for patriotism (a foolish way of thinking)

At the end of my training, I was commissioned in the 1st. Corp of Military Transmissions and Communications. I was commissioned as such because of my knowledge of radio repair and electronics. All this took place in the 80's. I think in 1984.

In '84, we were guarding the military camp when suddenly, by radio, we received a message calling in an emergency. That emergency call said something about a fire in the woods south of the city, in a place called Parque Nacional Desierto de los Leones, near the volcano named EL Nevado de Toloca. Immediately we set into our emergency plan name DNIII. DNIII was the emergency plan that was set up for National Defense, just in case of... We arrived at the area ASAP, closing the area in several kms around the perimeter.

When I arrived at the place, I got down out of the truck and saw some kind of strange lights, which shone like no fire I had ever seen! These lights were shining, changing colors from one to another very slowly. The colors were yellow, blue, white, red, and green.

We left our vehicles and walked the rest of the way, almost climbing the mountain to arrive at the 'supposed' fire. The air was heavy and very hot like a steam bath. By radio came the order, 'Do not STAND in front of the object more than 12 minutes... Do not touch anything. WAIT, for now, until we get further orders. Just KEEP the area contained. Now I am seeing this is NO FIRE, but why could we not stand close to the object? Why were we containing the area? I began thinking...maybe it's a crashed plane, but then I asked myself, 'Why aren't we allowed to help the survivors?"

When we finally arrived at the crash site, I saw several parts of 'something' scattered all over a big area, parts of metal, some pieces were small. The heat now was very heavy. The Captain in Chief said, "Boys, none of you here watching or listing the found debris can say or tell anyone of this because of national security or you will abstain to the results..got it?" We answered to this, "Yes Sir".

Myself and a Sargent went walking through the crash site, looking for some 'life evidence', while my partners kept the area contained. As I searched through the crashed object, I found myself nausated and having a sense of vertigo, but I continued my search. We didn't find anything showing any forms of life, but I remember seeing objects with some kind of writing that I had never seen in school or knew anything of. The closest I can come to explaining what the writing looked like would be that of Egyptian. At the central point was what 'I THINK' was the main control room. It looked like a top of a church, in short, vibrating in sound and in colors. It sounded like maybe that of the humming of electricity with a vibration pulsing from it...like wings of bees but VERY INTENSE. The most interest of all this, was how the rest of the metals and the main room seemed to vibrate together...in perfect synchronicity...as it were all part of the same body. It seemed to me it was like a cellular body where all cells work as one.

We were up there with the crashed vehicle all night . The next day, many men arrived to the sites, dressed in black, accompanied by the military soldiers of the United State Government. They told us that this craft was an experimental capsule they had been using to test the atmosphere and all that stuff.

All parts were put in their trucks and taken back to the United States.

This is my story, Mary. But some things I haven't told you yet, but I wanted to get something to you on this now. I will write more and in more detail later.

God Bless You Dear Sister

Oklahoma UFO Photo

Thanks to Joe W.

Editorial note: Not often that a person gets to see a UFO, and it's much less often that they have the presence of mind to take a photo. Good thinking Joe!

Date: 3-11-02 about 1:30 AM

As I was driving home (driving towards the west from downtown Lawton, Oklahoma) I noticed several green lights and one larger red light near the western horizon. At first I paid little attention thinking it to be aircraft lights when they began to move in an erratic way. The smaller green lights seemed to be orbiting around the larger red light. It was then obvious that this wasn't any normal aircraft! As I got closer to home I realized that the lights were heading in my general direction. I pulled into my driveway and ran into the house to grab my digital camera.

When I ran back outside the objects were now much closer and nearly overhead. I just recently got my digital camera, and not being very familiar with it only managed to get one picture. At the time I took the picture the objects were moving but slowly. After I took the picture I made the mistake of checking the display on the back of the camera to see if I got it. In hindsight I should have spent that time taking more pictures as it then sped off to the east while and was quickly out of sight. As a result I only got the one picture.

I didn't notice any sound coming from the objects, but they did seem to disturb all the dogs in the neighborhood which were barking until it vanished from sight.

Here's the photo that Joe W. was able to get of the UFO:

Update: This photo and report has been determined to be a hoax. You can read the full analysis report at:The Lawton Triangle

Taking The First Step

Thanks to Mush

Editorial note: When anyone suspects they might have had personal alien contact, the hardest part is sometimes starting the process of realizing it may very well be reality and not just your imagination. Takes a lot of courage to take that step and tell someone, but as the following story shows, it sure beats facing it alone.

As the car pulled up in front of the house on a quiet, nondescript street in a suburban Long Island town, I wondered to myself for about the thousandth time if I was doing the right thing. Here I was literally on the threshhold of discovering if my memories of strange beings were factual or just figments of my imagination, which might indicate possible mental or physiological illness. I was hoping for the latter. It would be much easier for me to accept that this was all in my head and there was a medication or therapy available to make it go away. The other possibility...that this was real...well, I tried not to think about it.

After months of agonizing deliberation and discussions with family members, I had finally made the decision to seek out professional assistance in dealing with my problem... memories of strange beings and other unusual incidents. Now I was faced with a new dilemma. Where do I find the help I so desperately needed? I needed to find someone that would understand and be open to all possibilities. As humorous as this may sound, I actually tried to look up "UFOs" in the yellow pages of the phone book. No, it's not listed.

A trip to my local library's reference section found information on an international UFO organization called the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). I contacted MUFON in Texas and received the phone number for a local representative of the group. Through this representative, I was provided with the phone number of Dr. Maurice Kouguell, a psychologist in the area. Finally! But now I needed to dial the number...and tell a complete stranger that I've seen strange beings in my room since I was a little girl. It sounded crazy even to me. What would this man think?

I got up the courage to call and was greeted by an answering machine. A warm voice with a pleasant accent encouraged me to leave my name and number. I don't remember what I said, but I must have left my number. Dr Kouguell called me later that day and we set up an appointment.

As soon as he opened the door, I knew I had made the right decision. Warmth, kindness and compassion radiated from this man. The neat disorganization of his office comforted me. Instead of a wall full of diplomas and citations, there were rows of shelves holding books on a myriad of topics. And the books looked like they were well read. Here was a person who was more interested in his clients concerns then in material surroundings. I was soon to learn that my first impressions were right on the money.

Our initial conversation entailed my telling Maurice about what I could recall, and my fears of being crazy...or worse, sane. He then told me about hypnosis. He explained what hypnosis was and described the techniques he used. Before we began, he had me draw a stick figure of a person. I kept proclaiming I was not an artist.

Maurice began the induction and as I lay on a recliner, I felt my body relax. The sensation was very enjoyable. It's difficult to describe, but my body felt heavy, as though each movement would take extreme concentration and strength, yet light as a feather...as if I could float. Maurice would later tell me that I went immediately into a deep trance.

Before the induction, we had decided to explore a conscious memory of an incident that occurred a few years back. I had awoken in bed one night to find myself paralyzed except for my eyes. My room was bathed in a bluish-gray light. I though the light meant that it was close to dawn... the twilight. I was very frightened because I couldn't move my body. As my eyes searched my bedroom, from the windows on my left, towards the right side of the room, I suddenly saw a figure in a dark hooded cloak standing to the right of my bed. I was terrified but couldn't scream. I couldn't see any face. Suddenly, I heard this mechanical monotone voice in my head telling me, "everything is alright, go back to sleep." I immediately lost consciousness, but I had a clear memory of this incident the next morning when I awoke.

Under hypnosis, Maurice took me back to the night this incident occurred. I could see my bedroom very clearly. I noticed that the window shades were down..the blue light could not be the glow of twilight as I had thought. Once again my eyes travelled the perimeter of my room... from left to right. There was the figure just as I had recalled it. I could see the folds in the robe sway when the figure moved slightly. I saw an object that resembled a wand with a glowing ball at the tip of it. Then, once again I heard the voice telling me to go back to sleep.

The next sensation I felt was being floated out the window and going up. I could see asphalt in the yard behind the house and a large fir tree. But I was looking down on it. I felt myself entering a different environment, some type of metal...shiny. Then I saw what I called one of the "nasty ones". I felt like I was being chased, trying to get away from it. I saw what it looked like and tried to burn the image into my mind. Suddenly, I was whisked away and found myself in a different place. I was now in the company of two gray beings. They were short with thin bodies, large heads and large dark eyes. The were communicating to me telepathically. I was being told that they had saved me from the "nasty one". That's all I could recall under hypnosis.

After this session, Dr Kouguell asked me to try and draw the "nasty one". I tried very hard to remember what the being looked like, but all I could draw was what I thought the shape of the head was. It was an oblong shape that flared in the middle and came to a point on the top. It reminded me of a fat plant leaf. I was so sure I had seen the image of the being. I was very dissapointed I couldn't remember it after the session. I didn't realize it then, but perhaps I wasn't ready to deal with seeing what this being actually looked like.

Well, was I crazy? Dr Kouguell didn't seem to think so. It seemed we had much more to learn about these incidents. I was very glad that I was no longer facing it alone.

Think Global

Thanks to Bruce

The most important thing we can do right now is try to see ourselves as Earthlings. If you came from some other area of space to make contact, your rules would probably require at a minimum to speak with the planet's head spokespeople. As Carl Sagan said in his Cosmos series: "NO ONE Speaks for EARTH." We need to come together as a Planet. Our Tribal Warfare must END. I've found some great guidelines with the Bahai' Writings. You must soon realize, that "The Alien Presence will be made known to the peoples of our planet.

And then What? Our Government is worried about economic collapse and our way of life continuing. Let's help our government Reveal The TRUTH! Please Write your elected folks and let them know your position.

Thanks, 1-800-489-4UFO

PS: If you think about it, Why did Ronald Reagan, and Mikhail Gorbechov get together to end the cold war? I'm sure there was an Alien presence there.

That does it for this week. Remember, we're only getting started here.

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